Best Tips to Help You In Juggling Work And Life

2 years ago

Indulging in relaxing activities after a day's work is very positive and allows you to find a healthy balance between work and relaxation. On a daily basis, this balance will increase your productivity at work and contribute to a better relationship with those around you, whether professional or private.

Here are our best tips to help you juggle the balance between your work and personal life:

Be Top Organized

Make lists, draw up tables, keep accounts. Not good at it? There are plenty of apps that can make your life easier. Wunderlist, Todoist, Evernote, Do it tomorrow, Remember the milk.

Take Time For Yourself

To relieve stress and not scream at everyone at home or in the office, there is nothing like sports. Physical activity is prodigious in that it restores energy to a tired body. No need to get up at 5 a.m. to go for a jog. Just get off the bus three stations before your stop. Are you resistant to any physical exertion? Think about everything you liked to do before (reading, singing, drawing...) and resume these activities. You need to recharge your batteries.

Leave Your Work In The Office!

Once you have completed your imperative work tasks, close the calendar, turn off your computer and work phone.

Do you travel by public transport (and this can be stressful when you have a disability)? Forget emails and folders; take advantage of this time to read, listen to music, doze off: you will arrive more relaxed at your destination.

Rehabilitate The Place Of Pleasure In Your Life

Make a list of everything that makes you happy and that you can reinject in small doses into your daily life: a coffee on the terrace (between two appointments, it's possible!), a phone call to a friend, a scented bath. You don't steal from anyone by taking some time for yourself. On the contrary. It is by giving pleasure to oneself that one can redistribute it to others.

Practice The "Digital Detox"

Beware of smartphones that allow you to be reached and infused with information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! There's nothing more stressful than spending the family dinner with your eye on alert on the icons on the screen. Not to mention that you are giving your children a very bad example. Take back the hand. Don't let the devices call you anymore, decide for yourself when you consult them. Airplane mode exists, use it!

Try To Work Differently

The world of work is changing. Organize your schedule to have extra rest days, leave earlier some evenings, work partly at home to avoid long and exhausting transport times... all of these issues can be discussed with your company. So, dare to do it: working differently does not mean working less or less well but working better!

Lower Your Ambitions

You can't do everything... and in addition to doing it perfectly. Divorce from your iron. Preferably buy wrinkle-friendly clothes: impeccable as soon as they are extended! Give yourself reasonable goals. A house in order and pretty much clean, yes, a show apartment no. A homemade cake for your partner’s birthday yes, pancakes for the whole class in the middle of the week, no.

Buy In Bulk And Online

Save money and trips to supermarkets by buying everyday products (toilet paper, shampoo, diapers,...) online and in large quantities. Many online stores offer discounts and deliver for free if you order for a certain amount. If you wish, you can even have all your groceries delivered to you or have them prepared in advance by the supermarket.

Cook In Advance

Cook in large quantities during the weekend and freeze meals to save time on busy days. In fact, a microwave is enough, and voila. If you have leftovers but not enough to plan a full meal, use your imagination and reuse them for your lunch the next day. For example, cut the leftover chicken into pieces and roll it into a wrap with salad and dressing. This will save you time because you will prepare the toast boxes in the evening by tidying up the kitchen and will not have to take care of it the next day

Throw Feelings Of Guilt Overboard

Sure, you do your best to make everyone as happy as possible but you don't always have enough time. It makes no sense to feel guilty. Instead, think about the positive impact your work has on your lifestyle, those little extras you can afford thanks to your salary such as annual leave, new clothes, an iPad,...

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