Destructive Communication in the Workplace

2 years ago

Destructive communication, whether in a small business or a large company, is fatal because it can have negative effects on aspects such as morale, focus, performance, and customers.

Poor communication can manifest itself from the director who does not express the company's vision well, to the sales manager who does not listen well to customers.

Why Is Communication Vital To The Proper Functioning Of Teams And The Company?

Communicating well is not just about expressing yourself fluently orally. It also means mastering the written language, knowing how to transcribe a message by addressing the right audience, at the right time, and in the right way. It also means communicating effectively both internally and externally, even if we do not address an employee in the same way, a future candidate for a position or even his clients.

Communicating well should be the goal of any self-respecting professional. Both orally and in writing.


Collaboration and teamwork necessarily go through communication. Without effective communication, no collaboration, no efficiency, no performance...

Teamwork only works if members of the same team exchange with each other, speak to each other (the same language is better) and understand each other. We can say that communication is the cement of professional relationships (even very short relationships).

In summary: Communication = Employee satisfaction = Customer satisfaction = Performance!

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Eight Signs Of Destructive Business Communication

· Conflicts arise in the workplace.

· Customer dissatisfaction grows.

· Difficulties appear in the flow of information.

· Increase staff turnover.

· Productivity decreases.

· The demotivation of your collaborators is evident.

· There is a lack of knowledge of business processes.

· You notice a lack of communication and commitment.

The Effect Of Destructive Business Communication

Low Morale

Good communication must be generated from the largest in the company, articulating a vision and clear objectives. Poor communication can generate resentments, frustrations; create a bad environment at work, damage productivity and even external relationships.

Lack of Internal Communication

When there is a lack of internal communication in a company, planning delays originate, the workflow is unnecessarily repeated or the same thing has to be redone.

the manifestation of this deficiency can be noticed at the time when planning delays arise, there is a bad workflow, or errors are manifested that force the employee to redo his work.

destructive communication can, beyond creating a bad work environment, damage productivity; this is a consequence of resentments or frustrations generated by the stress or the treatment received between the internal members.

Breaking these patterns of behavior internally is essential if the company's results are to be optimized, bearing in mind that internal malfunctions can also affect customers.

Dissatisfied Customers

When customers' needs are not listened to, the company loses their trust. For this reason, SMEs can make mistakes such as placing a duplicate order or an incorrect order.

When there are deficiencies in the communication of a company, customers can notice it, especially when they receive a duplicate order or a partially or totally incorrect order.

Committing these types of mistakes can bring disadvantages to any company, especially since clients are the ones who define your reputation in the market and just as a satisfied client can recommend the hiring of a service, a dissatisfied client could suggest not hiring the same.

Low Performance

Performance in a company is measured by productivity. Not having good communication can result in wasted time, waiting for clear instructions or wasted time when work has to be done again due to lack of understanding.

Hostile Work Environment

The work environment is a fundamental axis within any company, especially when it comes to favorable results. When mistakes are made in this area and there are conflicts between leaders and employees, concrete actions must be taken to solve any gap within the business philosophy or redirect the team through an assertive language that allows generating empathy between the employee and the employer.

Increased Employee Turnover

Work is an important part of life, which is why your employees should feel a strong mental and emotional connection with their work. This bond can help them feel more engaged and passionate about the tasks they accomplish each day.

Without this sense of connection, your employees will quickly be disengaged and they will seek greener pastures. Losing a team member can be a frustrating experience. As we all know, hiring and training new team members can also be very expensive and time-consuming.

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How to Overcome the Common Communication Problems in Business?

There are many possibilities to improve communication in business; there are also possibilities inherent in the culture of the company or team, and what works for one company may not work for another.

One thing is certain, however: it is possible to overcome communication problems in business.

Share the Same Method of Communication

The company must define a communication policy and indicate how it is best to communicate what type of information. The tools are multiple: Internet, mail, newsletter, internal newspaper, instant messaging, Slack, seminar, video, etc...

Transmit The Right Information At The Right Time

The best way to communicate the right information at the right time to the right interlocutor is to be inspired by project management methods and to set up a communication plan for the communication of strategic information.

If it is a question of communicating around a precise task, in this case, you must make sure that you have transmitted all the necessary information so that your interlocutor can perform the task at this time.

Practice Active Listening

Practicing active listening creates a climate of trust and facilitates internal exchanges. If you are asked questions as a result of your communication, you may not have been clear enough. Take note of what your interlocutor asks, and provide the necessary details.

Establish A Written Record When Necessary

Sometimes sending important information on paper helps keep that information in the minds of employees. For example, the practice of sending a written report including an action plan at the end of the meeting is a good practice to adopt urgently.

Choose Your Words Wisely

The choice of words is important: it is what will give nuance to our words, it is what makes us understand or not. It is necessary to avoid the passive form which tends to confuse the spirits, and especially to say either yes or no, and not to jabber a “possible I do not know too much we will study that, maybe it is yes maybe it 'is no' which leaves everyone with suspicion.

If so, I assure you that it is real life!

Make Sure That The Information Is Clear To The Interlocutor

When delegating a task or communicating information to his interlocutor, it suffices to take a few extra seconds to ensure that everything is clear and that the interlocutor has no questions to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts. the following.

Keep It Concise

Of course, the best communication is still concise, brief, and effective communication, which leaves no room for interpretation


Poor formal communication management is at the root of the majority of organizational issues. Conflicts and situations arise, which wreak havoc on efficiency, productivity, and the workplace atmosphere. Failure to address these issues in a timely manner has ramifications that affect the organization's business objectives and revenues, as well as its communication, reputation, and image. Leadership is responsible for recognizing these issues, intervening, and improving the conversation's health. It is always possible and necessary to advance towards a better working environment with awareness, and the results will follow.

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