Almost all business processes, including recruitment, have been simplified through technological advancements.  E-recruitment or online recruitment refers to the use of online sources to attract, find determine and hire candidates. These sources are used in the form of Internet-work boards, candidate monitoring systems, resume databases, online training, and assessments. All of these technologies are combined by some recruiting software providers for a quick, efficient hiring process. One such resource could work for the entire hiring phase of your company, or you could combine multiple online options.

What is a recruiting process and how is it done remotely?

A reliable and efficient recruiting process is a step-by-step system whereby A company determines its talent criteria, hires from its talented candidates, and finally recruits the most eligible applicants. several businesses have their own systems of recruiting. The main stages in the recruitment process around the industry are the interview, the tasks, and the hiring process, regardless of the scale of the company. However, bear in mind that the different aspects of the recruiting process are specific to each company.

Types of online interviews

The Video Interview

Video interviews are the most popular type of online interviews and they are an ideal way to connect people and make it easy for interviewers to see the candidate and hear him or her in real-time.

The interviewer will usually email you before setting up a video conference and ask if you have access to the equipment required. There are built-in cameras and microphones for most computers, so you should be able to find a laptop/desktop that suits the demands. The interviewer will use software like Skype, Zoom, or Google Hangouts to arrange a particular time at which they will call. The interviewer would be able to communicate with you during a video chat as they can during an in-person interview. A video call should be reasonably easy for you to set up and handle if you are acquainted with webcam technologies.

This process will allow the interviewer to make a more accurate judgment about the suitability of the candidate earlier in the process.

Recorded Video

Another approach for internet interviews includes taking a video of yourself answering questions about the interview. The interviewer will give you a list of questions and a deadline in order to prepare for this sort of interview. When answering each question on the list, you will need to set up a camera and film yourself. You will need to upload the video when you complete it and send it back to the interviewer.

This method of interview helps you to practice your responses carefully in advance, but if you are not used to talking to a camera, it may also be uncomfortable. The most essential thing you should do, as with video calls, is to set aside time to plan and practice properly ahead of time.

Advantages of E-recruiting: 

It is getting more efficient and cost-effective for employers to conduct work interviews online as technology advances. Digital interviews minimize traveling costs, speed up the process of recruiting, and enable non-local applicants to be interviewed by hiring managers.


Online recruitment provides a range of resources to select eligible applicants that complement the principles and values of the company with reduced human intervention, including pre-employment screening, personality tests, and testing to screen candidates. A number of these options are offered by several recruitment software packages that you can adapt to suit the unique demands of the company for each task.


Recruiting online serves a far larger or more focused community than most approaches do. In addition to meeting job seekers everywhere, you will target people with very different talents.

For specific markets, certain Internet work boards are targeted. Often, many professional societies encourage employers on their websites to post-work openings.

Not only does this allow employers to identify applicants with very particular expertise, but it may also draw passive applicants who may not be searching for jobs.

Fast Hire:

Many online recruiting sites have integrated processes that allow you to start looking at resumes within minutes of uploading your job listing from interested applicants. When making the listing, the software would review the original choices you made and notify you of current candidates in their system who meet your criteria. 

Unlike standard job listings for newspapers or trade magazines, internet recruiting ads are placed within minutes and are available online to be found 24 hours a day by candidates. This makes it easier for the organization to regularly accept appropriate applications and eventually identify the best applicant even quicker. It's not unheard of less than a day after putting the work listing to find exactly the perfect recruit.


Recruiting costs are among the largest expenses for most corporations. Recruiting requires not only the real cost of recruiting an applicant but also the cost of recruitment and retention. 

For certain employers, this is called an investment, so proper management of online recruiting and procurement processes will significantly minimize costs and improve retention of workers, which is a greater return on investment.

The use of e-recruitment and the Internet is rising on a large scale, and more companies are being online-centric day by day. It is also important for potential recruits to recognize the usefulness of online recruiting and make it the "new normal".