How To Show That You Are Interested In A Job Via Email

2 years ago

Whether you are in a post or looking for a job, it is highly recommended to respond professionally to the recruiter's message. Always pay attention to career opportunities, you never know.

But if you are interested in this job offer, respond to the recruiter's message as soon as possible. You can either ask him to send you an explanation of the position in question via e-mail or offer him a first phone call to speak openly about the proposed missions. Remember, this conversation is just for learning more about the job. This discussion does not commit you to apply or to take it to the next level.

How To Show That You Are Interested In The Professional Opportunity Via EmailThank you

The first reflex you must have is to thank the person who contacted you. Indeed, they took the time to send you a message and are interested in you.

Take an interest in the recruiter and the company

Before any answer, take an interest in the recruiter's profile as well as the company in which he works. It is essential that you know who you are talking to, your answer will be different depending on your interlocutor and the position he occupies. A quick search on the company in question will allow you to write a more personalized answer and give weight to your speech.

Interested in the job?

They will contact you most of the time for a specific reason: to offer you a new job opportunity. So analyze the proposed offer, see if it corresponds or not to your search criteria. If so, confirm your interest in the proposed position.

Otherwise, do not hesitate to ask your interlocutor if other opportunities potentially match your profile in the company. With a little luck, this will be the case, and he will put you in touch with the right people!

Send your CV if necessary

Your interlocutor will of course have contacted you after seeing your LinkedIn profile where your different experiences and diplomas are normally already detailed. Nevertheless, sending a traditional CV makes it possible to materialize your application. This will also facilitate the dissemination of your profile to its employees if it is not the only decision-maker in the recruitment process.

Offer an interview

Against all odds, you do not have to wait for your interlocutor to offer to meet you. If the exchange is fluid, you like the job and the company and you want to try your luck, offer yourself the meeting to discuss it.

Email Samples

Hello (Recruiter's name),

(Insert here a common point or compliment, such as "Thank you for thinking of me for this great opportunity" or "I am happy to meet someone at (company name). I have a lot of admiration for what you do! »)

I am very interested in the (job name) at (company name), and I would love to know more about (job offer, tasks, how to apply officially). I would be curious to have your impressions on (your experience within the company, what the team is particularly looking for as a profile, why you see me for this position). Perhaps we could discuss it over the phone?

Thank you

(Your name)

Hello (Recruiter name),

Thank you for your message! Based on your description of the position, it sounds like a great job, and it's in line with the direction I want my career to take. I can't wait to learn more.

As you may have seen on my profile (or CV), I have (number of years) of experience in (field or industry). I have been particularly dedicated to (purpose, skill, or task mentioned in the job posting). In my current position at (employer name), I have recently (impressive accomplishment related to the new job) and (add management or soft skills experience.)

Could we discuss this opportunity in more detail? I would be very happy to learn more about the position and demonstrate how my skills and experience could be useful to (Name of potential employer).

I am available to talk about it on the phone on (list of dates and times).

Looking forward to getting to know you!

To Summarize

your response to the recruiter must therefore be thoughtful, concise, and structured. Whether you are interested in the proposed offer or not, you must always respond and see in this message an opportunity. Even if you are not immediately interested in it, you may be contacted again for another opportunity that better suits your profile and what you are looking for!

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