Why you need to start looking for remote jobs: the options, benefits, and many more!

2 years ago

Before it was a fantasy to work from home, people figured they'd love to stay at home instead of getting up every day, leaving the warmth and comfort to get to work. Some people still got to work from home, but there was a massive connotation for that. Many businesses were concerned that their workers would be distracted too frequently at home, where their superiors could not keep an eye on their direct reports, which could lead to the lack of productivity, from employees to the progress of the business. But since the global pandemic of COVID-19 in 2020, the world changed, and companies' point of view of remote work also changed; the fantasy became reality. In an attempt to reduce the spreading of the virus, companies were forced to transition to a remote work model to keep on going on with work. But let’s start from the very beginning :

What does remote job means

Working remotely is doing the tasks given via laptop and internet, without being physically present in a workplace or an office. Now you might think, but how? The answer is there are plenty of ways and that’s the beautiful side of it. It is limited or specified, it depends on the combination of activities performed in each occupation and their context. Unless it’s physical labor, anyone with any job type can work remotely! Traveling the world while having a full-time career? It would have been impossible back a few years ago, but now it is. Companies offer every type of job (full-time, part-time, contract…) to accommodate everyone's needs.

But.. is it really worth it?

Why the remote job is important 

If we get to compare, people will take it less seriously remote work, but that is a big misconception that needs to be cleared: remote work is as important and stable as office work is, and in fact, more beneficial.

Flexible lifestyle and independency

Any remote worker can take full advantage of the potential given by a remote working lifestyle. Independence isn’t just about being in pajamas or staying at home, it’s about self-development, the responsibility you have will make you disciplined, motivated, and more focused, helping you with your overall life.

Productivity and time management

They will have more work done on top of being able to schedule their hours so that they can work when they are more active or innovative. As long as you don't fall for distractions, you can potentially be more successful when working from home.

Expert on communication

You're going to become a communications specialist. If you can't get a short meeting in the break room, you ought to be up to date on what networking strategies are available, including texting, skipping, emailing, web meetings, you will get to be very competent in all of them, plus there’s will no additional stress of loud coworkers.

A survey of 317 CFOs and business finance executives conducted by the corporate research company Gartner showed that 74 percent expect to transfer their previous on-site staff to permanently remote post-COVID-19 jobs.


Another research showed that remote workers save up to $4,000 a year from driving, workplace food, and other various expenditures.

Best Remote jobs

The demand for remote employment is now more concentrated than others in certain fields, the good news is that there are positions that suit both background and purpose.

Customer service jobs

Customer service representatives address questions or inquiries from consumers. They are there to help address any concerns that the client may have in several ways, including answering phone calls, face-to-face interaction, text, live chat, or social media. There are plenty of websites that list these jobs like SimplyHired.

Translations and Tutoring jobs

Advances in technologies and high-speed internet access have provided teachers with much more possibilities to collaborate with students around the world. And you can find a job working as a translator whether you're bilingual or fluent in a multitude of languages. A translating business may hire translators who work online or translate news stories and posts, websites, and books. And you can find a job working as a translator whether you're bilingual or fluent in a multitude of languages. It is possible to do all of these jobs remotely and on a freelance/full-time basis.

 Programming and Coding Jobs

Investing your time to be a developer/programmer is a long-term gain as technology keeps on evolving, and the internet took over the world. You can be self-taught or a university graduate, looking for a full-time or contract, opportunities are never-ending. Here, you can check the ongoing hiring companies and the jobs that could match your skills and requirements.

What remote job is best for me:

To find the job you find yourself comfortable with is all about accommodations, you accommodating yourself with the companies’ requirements, and your skills, how much stability you’re seeking, and the technology you can use: meaning you have to set your goals even before starting the search and apply to whatever matches your current lifestyle, that’s the privilege of remote work.

To finish off...

Remote working provides an opportunity for industries to adapt their way of working sustainably over the mid and long term, for them to get benefits. Thinking of less office space, less driving, fewer company vacations, shorter holidays, and more employee attention. Investing in remote jobs would have far-reaching effects on our post-crisis way of working.

The market reaction appears to indicate that remote employees are pleased with it, independence to performance, this modern way of working left a promising challenge, reversing the misconception it had before forever.

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