Senior Frontend Developer


Job Description

As a senior developer, you’ll be more than just a coder. You’ll be responsible for determining what to build, not just how to build it. The problems you solve will be among the most challenging in the world and you’ll have a personal mentor to accelerate all aspects of your career. Our goal is to provide you with the experience to work anywhere in the world and a culture that makes you choose to stay.

That culture begins with hiring. We’ll never ask you to a whiteboard interview. We value meaningful work, so we’ll ask you to PR an issue from our codebase— and pay you to complete it. We’re the only company we know of who does that and we’re pretty proud of it.


  • Reimagine the future of remote work
  • Use the latest tools like GraphQL, React, and Relay
  • Architect integrations with popular project planning tools (Atlassian, GitHub, Slack, etc.)
  • Design a world-class WebRTC video experience for live and async sharing
  • Build an open-source collaborative rich text editor
  • Create user interfaces to perfect the art of Agile ceremonies


  • Strong technical writing (your tech blog > your degree)
  • A history of open-source contributions (links to PRs a plus)
  • 3+ years experience writing Typescript
  • 3+ years working on an Agile team with strong opinions on how to improve the process


  • Competitive salary and early-stage equity in a successful startup in the hottest remote work industry
  • A clean, modern, open-source codebase
  • No daily stand-ups and plenty of time for deep work
  • Flexible scheduling and travel. Many of us were world travelers until recently
  • A team of intellectually curious and driven individuals on a mission to fix how work gets done
  • An Equal Opportunity Employer. We founded Parabol to help build stronger teams by empowering members to be their authentic selves. Our company is no exception.