Senior Software Engineer


Job Description

Do you like having some creative freedom where your ideas can be easily discussed and implemented in a small and dynamic company? How about being able to have a high impact on a product with tens of millions of users? Do you like the possibilities offered by new cloud technologies, especially serverless? You’ve knocked at the right door.
We are looking for a highly motivated Senior Programmer to join our growing team! The Senior Programmer is responsible for the development of subsystems of a product across the stack. We expect you to help us take our products and our team to the next technical level and to teach us something we don’t know.
Yet Another Mail Merge (YAMM) enables users to send and track personalized email campaigns from their Gmail account, simply using a spreadsheet to configure their mailing list. It is used, loved and highly rated by millions of users to empower their day-to-day activities and it fits with many use cases such as sales, recruiting, events.

Our infrastructure is entirely on the cloud on Google Cloud Platform. We use Firebase, Cloud Functions, PostgreSQL. We code in Javascript, Typescript, Google Apps Script and Java.
Core responsibilities:
  • Taking full responsibility of a product or subproducts from a software engineering perspective
  • Writing technical specifications for and developing new large features, fix bugs
  • Contributing to product specification by evaluating the technical difficulty of a project
  • Proactively proposing architecture, performance and infrastructure improvements
  • Helping set and maintain a high professional standard
Some examples projects that you could work on:
  • Revamping the onboarding
  • Working on features that will improve the deliverability of emails sent with YAMM: spam predictor, bounce checker, throttling, etc
  • Making our data model evolve to be more flexible and scalable, and make the right database choice for the next stage of our growth
  • Designing and implementing the API of a new billing system and pricing model
  • Developing a webhooks API, and integrating fully with Zapier
  • Improving performance of a specific component
  • Plus a few secret projects that we don’t want to reveal publically ;)
  • You care more about making reliable software used by many than a shiny unstable thing used by no one. You understand that engineering work is done first and foremost for the customers.
  • You care a lot about performance, understand that speed is a core feature
  • Fully capable of designing, owning and running entire systems (new add-on, new billing system, new api)
  • Deep, substantial expertise in multiple programming environments, with a particular focus on the front-end
  • You can provide material feedback on the work of junior programmers
  • You’re a fan of spreadsheets and their programming paradigm
  • You’re a team player
  • Experience: 6+ years as a professional programmer on products, preferably SaaS products with many users.
  • Cloud: you have experience with one of the 3 main cloud platforms. Bonus points for GCP and serverless experience
  • Programming languages: you have experience with Javascript, Typescript and React, and Java.
  • Software engineering tools: you’ve worked with Git, Github and Jira, you’re familiar with front-end build tools, benchmarking and profiling tools
  • Language: fluent in English, French or Italian is a big plus
  • Writing: you enjoy writing, you care about words and grammar, you are sharp and thorough
Benefits (subject to change depending on where you live):
  • A good compensation that gives you financial peace of mind, wherever you live
  • Paid vacation
  • Lunch vouchers for every worked day (only applicable in France, Italy)
  • 50% of public transportation for daily commute covered (only applicable in France)
  • Medical, dental and vision insurance (only applicable in France, Italy and US)
  • Paid parental leave
How to apply:
We want to get a sense of how you think. To that end, please use your cover letter to share with us your take on the following questions:
  • Show us some code you’ve written that you’re proud of if possible
  • Tell us about what you’ve built in the past, what where the tradeoffs, the challenges, and how you made your technology choices
  • What was the last thing you learned?
  • We value great writers, so take your time with the application. Stock cover letters won’t do.
Send us your cover letter and resume, plus any public profile or material you feel relevant to the email address indicated on WWR. 
We will first ask you a few targeted questions to be answered by email so as to get acquainted to you in writing. If that goes well, we’ll send you a technical test. You’ll then move on to a more technical interview with a Senior Engineer and one final interview with the CTO and CEO.
We can’t wait to hear from you!