Ruby Software Engineer


Job Description

What You’ll Do
You will be a key player on a global, cross channel marketing technology firm. A successful engineer in this role will be comfortable working in large-scale enterprises, while still being able to move quickly and help the team innovate.
A great candidate will also be committed to a team and consensus-building culture. You enjoy the fact that people are using your code every day and find value in the development work you’re doing. This is supporting a control function and so someone with that mindset is helpful -- you will not only be working on your own team, but will collaborate at many integration points across the organization.
Job Requirements
  • 5+ years cumulative Development experience
  • Extensive knowledge of JavaScript (ES8)
  • Extensive knowledge of Ember and React (using classes and hooks), React Router, Redux
  • Experience in React custom component creation
  • Working knowledge of at least one JS unit testing framework, such as Jest.
  • Knowledge of at least one major charting JS library
  • Knowledge of at least one major React component library.
  • Knowledge of Postman
  • Knowledge of the PWA (Progressive Web Applications) approach.
  • Working knowledge of Git
Nice to have:
  • Ruby
  • SQLAlchemy / Toolkit / BIZ TOOLS
  • AWS Amplify
  • Security architectures - OAuth2, JWT.