Senior developer


Job Description

Nebra is looking for a strong senior developer to work with us on building out software for our rapidly growing IoT product line. You’ll be working with interesting technologies BalenaHeliumKubernetes, Docker, Raspberry Pis and more.


  • Strong knowledge of Python and Django
  • Experience with building modern APIs
  • A healthy TDD attitude
  • Knowledge of cloud platforms (such as Google Cloud) and features like Pub/Sub
  • Strong skills around Docker and container best practices
  • Experience with modern CI/CD pipelines
  • A good eye for design with the ability to “feel” if something looks right or not
  • Knowledge of modern front-end (Bootstrap, JavaScript etc)
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Basic knowledge of security and threat models


  • Experienced with Raspberry Pi and embedded devices
  • Kubernetes experience
  • Knowledge of MQTT, gRPC and Protobuf