Mid Senior Ruby on Rails Developer


Job Description

Please note, we're currently only open to candidates in Australia and New Zealand for logistical reasons.

Who is TidyHQ?

We're a small team of people passionate about helping organisations, big and small. Be it your local sports club, the state astronomy association or a small community garden, Tidy helps volunteers, administrators and members to make their lives easy and bring joy to the process of running your organisation.

Starting in 2010 as a simple way to better manage a football club, Today we're used by over 1000 organisations in more than 20 countries, helping to make a difference in the lives of organisations big and small.

What are we looking for

We're looking for a full stack, mid-level developer - specifically with Ruby on Rails experience and a passion for building and solving customer problems.

We're a small but focused team located in Australia, but fully remote - with team members ranging from regional Victoria all the way across to Perth on the west coast.

As a company, we've existed for a while and have excellent product-market fit - and are looking for developers to help accelerate our growth.

As a benefit of being around a while, even as a small team, we care about work-life balance and looking after yourselves - It's a marathon, not a sprint.

Technology at Tidy

Currently, TidyHQ is a 100% Ruby on Rails application, building on MySQL and AWS. We're in the process of a big uplift and have challenges ranging from new features, solving customer problems (and directly seeing the impact your work has) - through to helping migrate our monolith to the newest version of Rails and MySQL.

You'll own your work end to end, with a supportive atmosphere from our CEO Isaak and CTO Darcy. We'll be working to give you interesting challenges. That means working with the team on how to solve the customer's problem through to working out how to deploy it.

What does our ideal candidate look like?

We want someone who cares about customers, our users are at the core of everything Tidy does, and we want someone who has a passion for helping people and building good software. Empathy is core to everything we do, and we'd love you to bring that to the table.

You like problem-solving and getting a bit out of your depth, whilst knowing you have our full support. We want to make sure you have the environment you can grow in - We acknowledge, especially at mid-level, you're still gaining experience and growing as a developer - so we want to make sure we're giving you the challenges to help with that growth, without throwing you off the deep end.

Communication is key - since we're 100% remote, we rely on being able to talk to each other a lot - be it zoom calls to run over things, or written communication. Not all of the people you talk to will be technical, so cross-audience awareness is valuable.

Tech-wise, Ruby and Rails experience is required - as is some SQL experience. Ops Experience / AWS experience are nice to have, as is frontend experience, but not 100% required.

What do we offer

Let's start with the basics:

  • For this role, we're offering a salary in the range of $110-135k AUD, depending on the candidate's experience.
  • Ownership and responsibility with support - make decisions, influence the product and work on code that matters - but with an experienced team that helps you grow as a developer.
  • Freedom to work where you feel comfortable - we're remote-first, so you won't have to travel into an office. We'll occasionally meet up, but don't expect to be in an office 9-5
  • Flexibility - we realise people do their best work when they're comfortable. If you'd prefer to work 4 days a week, or start early / finish late - we'll work with you to make it work for you and the team.

Please note, we're currently only open to candidates in Australia and New Zealand for logistical reasons.