Full Stack Developer As Founding Engineer

AgreeTo Inc

💡 About us:

Location. Two founders from 🇩🇪 & 🇮🇹 (1 Software Engineer, 1 Business/Growth) - Incorporation. AgreeTo Inc is a Delaware C corp in the US (working fully remote) - Traction. >200 weekly actives on our MVP (a chrome extension) - Funding. Collected an early pre-seed (for your salary mainly! 😅)

Email our founder directly at [email protected].

What we offer (compensation & benefits)

As most great candidates won’t be ready to join full-time immediately, we’re open to contract-to-hire. (The hiring offer will be a mix of salary + equity.)


  • $40-60/hour
  • 4 weeks
  • ~20hrs/week

⇒ Hiring offer

  • Anywhere from 1-10% equity for the founding engineer
  • Base salary (excl. equity) will be USD ~65k until Series A, after which there’ll be a pay raise


Our mission is to take the work out of scheduling while avoiding scheduling links (à la calendly).

80% of meetings are scheduled manually via e-mail or phone. The reality is that scheduling links don’t work for most of the meetings because of the costs to social capital.

  • When someone sends you a calendly link and asks you to slot yourself on their calendar, they are telling you that you are less important than them. It is a ‘get in line’ move.
  • In practice, recipients will often not click on your calendly.

These aspects make scheduling links de-facto useless for the vast majority of the workforce. Imagine:

  • A Sales Development Representative reaching out to a prospective client that he’s never talked to.
  • An architect trying to set up a first consultation with new homeowners.
  • A head hunter setting up a confidential meeting for a senior executive position at a corporate company.

The reality is that setting up a meeting is a nuanced dance of social capital to match the importance and urgency between two parties. And this is currently a very manual process.

We are looking for a Founding Engineer to join our founders and build a software tool that solves that manual process. 

Why join

Join a company that’s going from 0 → 10k MRR. Our MVP grew all organic. Now, we’re ready to go for revenue now and make that grow.

Full focus on building. Fundraising, Marketing & Customer Support will all be taken care of by the other founders. You’ll be able to focus on building.

Founder competencies. Richard is a self-taught developer working as a software engineer now and Philipp majored in engineering. However, both founders have a background in growth and transfer the skills to the business side of things.

Reduced risk. While you’ll get potentially life-changing equity in the company, we’ve already secured enough money to pay you a salary.

What you'll do (responsibilities)

Make most of our technical decisions. We want to rewrite our MVP from scratch, which leaves a complete greenfield for you.

Co-own the product. We will remain a team of 3 for a while, which means we agree on some features to build and from there it’s you implementing them from start to finish together with one or two other engineers.

Build for interesting platforms. Bring your full creativity to solve technical problems to serve a web app, a browser extension and an outlook add-in. All with shiny new technologies ✨

What we're looking for (qualifications)

We don’t care about CVs. We are looking for smart, driven people who are eager to have an impact.

Your Stack. Typescript, Prisma, React, etc. in a monorepo. You should have extensive experience with each of those tools.

A product builder at heart. You like the idea of implementing your own ideas from A-Z. We expect you to have a knack for great ✨UX and have built & launched products from scratch in the past.

Good heart. We don't tolerate jerks and are generally just friendly people.

Be sure to mention the word IMPROVEMENT when applying to show you read the job post completely. This is a beta feature to avoid spam applicants. Companies can search these words to find applicants that read this and see they're human.

How do you apply?

Interested in learning more about what it's like to build AgreeTo with us? We'd love to talk! Email our founder Richard Poelderl directly at [email protected].

In the e-mail, please outline:

Location.  From where you’ll be working (we’re used to fully-remote)

Start Date. Your earliest possible start

Hours. Potential time commitment (e.g. 40h/week)

Experience. How much years of experience you have with Typescript, Prisma, React & NestJS.

We don’t require you to do any coding challenge. After successfully passing the interviews, we will pay you for implementing real features to see if you’re comfortable in our work environment.