Senior Developer Back and Front End


We're an all-senior/staff dev team building the next gen of insurance that doesn't suck. We're looking for a product-minded engineer to join us. Steadily is a year and half old, 50 people-strong, and we recently announced our $30M funding round -- things are going swimmingly.

Because this isn't our first rodeo (2 prior exits), we're building Steadily to make a lasting dent in the universe. Here's how we operate:

What You’ll Do:

  • Combine property intelligence for external sources to estimate how likely a property is to flood, catch on fire, or get vandalized
  • Create a claim app that uses phone camera and sensors to document the damage smartly
  • Construct a mobile experience for people to buy insurance that is so simple/intuitive that your least-tech savvy relative with a flip-phone could use it without help e.g. pass the Mom Test
  • Build rating engines for calculating how much an insurance policy should cost

What You'll Bring:

Experienced: This isn't your first rodeo. There's no specific minimum number of years requirement, but we expect you to be able to dive into a complex codebase without too much spin-up. Past experience as a team lead is definitely a plus.

Builder: You like the product-side of engineering and have thoughtful opinions on what the user experience should be. You're not the type of engineer who wants a fully-fleshed out spec thrown over the wall for you to code.

Pragmatic: Let's say you have a tradeoff to make: Option A is to ship something fast using an off-the-shelf API on AWS; you won't learn that much and it only solves 80% of the problem, but it'll only take a few days. Option B is to invest about two weeks building a new library and internally-hosted service that perfectly solves the problem; as a bonus you can share it on Github and give a presentation about it at PyCon. If you choose Option A 10/10 then you'll be at home here.

Language-agnostic: We don't really care if you've worked in our stack before as long as you're happy to learn it. If you're sharp enough to be on this team, you're sharp enough to learn any language or framework quickly.

Our Stack:

  • Python 3
  • Django
  • Postgres
  • Heroku (with full CI pipeline)
  • Redis / Celery
  • Kafka

Compensation & Benefits:

  • Starting at $250,000
  • Equity
  • 401K
  • Flexible Time Off
  • Health (HSA or FSA), vision, and dental insurance
  • Equipment provided

Why Steadily?

At Steadily you’ll be able to work with other brilliant, driven teammates who care about doing the best work of their lives. We have high expectations of each other, but are dedicated to supporting each other in those expectations and making Steadily a huge success.

In order to do this, we believe in hiring top talent and encourage each team member to actively drive the culture we want at Steadily. This includes things like being light on processes where you manage your own workload. You know your job best, so we won’t micromanage how you get the job done (we provide context, not control)! That said, we’re also highly collaborative and go above and beyond to make sure that we’re all on the same page and have the tools we all need to succeed.

Working at a startup isn’t easy, but it is incredibly rewarding. You’ll be able to see your actions directly impact the growth of the company, as well as your equity’s valuation, on a near-daily basis. The growth opportunity you’ll have at Steadily will also greatly increase your career trajectory, giving you valuable experience that you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

We’re excited to meet you!

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