Senior Data Engineer

Arch Systems

Arch Systems is seeking an insightful and talented Data Engineer to join our rapidly scaling team and generate novel insights from the mass of electronics factory data we are aggregating from around the world and direct their use towards practical ROI opportunities.

About Arch

Started by Stanford Engineering PhDs and grown out of non-profit work in Africa, Arch is a venture-backed company working with top Fortune 500 customers to retrofit industrial machines with cutting-edge IoT to drive efficiency, transparency, and next generation intelligence.

We work in partnership with the manufacturing industry with a focus in surface mount technology. We also support a variety of ongoing developing world projects.

We are looking for talented and driven people wanting to transform manufacturing operations and to make the Earth more efficient, connected, and sustainable. Come join our diverse and passionate team.


Compensation will be determined for a Senior Data Engineer (depending on hire’s experience) at a Series A stage technology startup based on experience and location.

We benchmark our compensation against high cost of living/market rates and use a compensation formula that includes a location factor to determine total target compensation as it compares to a high cost of living/market area. At Arch, total target compensation may be comprised of base salary, a completion bonus, and a performance bonus.

Employees in the US can expect generous benefits for themselves and their dependents as well as equity in the company.

Applicants outside the US will be considered to become employees of one of our trusted partners and may receive benefits through them as well as NQSOs from Arch Systems.

Remote Equal

This is an opportunity to join our remote-equal team from anywhere in the world. We are a remote-equal team largely working from the US and Europe, so the preference is a similar time zone with authorization to work in your country of residence. We are unable to sponsor a Visa at this time.

About the Team and Role

The Data Science team works with top subject matter experts in the best electronics factories in the world to explore how the unprecedented amounts of machine data being captured and standardized in Arch’s data lake can best be applied to solve the electronics industry’s most pressing problems.

As an Arch Data Engineer you will be responsible for building data storage and ETL pipelines, understanding and supporting data analytics solutions, and improving all aspects of the data life cycle. You will be working with high-volume manufacturing data, gain familiarity with the data models, and write code to support a growing feature set of our existing structured data lake. You will partner with data scientists to prepare inputs for models, as well as help bring models to a production state.

You will be working on the most advanced problems in the electronics industry that, in many cases, are not yet well-enough understood to be solved with straightforward applications of existing machine learning tools.

You should be intimately familiar with Python, AWS/cloud technologies that are used to power data pipelines, and have knowledge of the types of data structures utilized by data lake applications.

A cornerstone of Arch’s success is our intimate knowledge of how our customers’ machines and processes work both in theory and practice. Outstanding candidates for this role will be expected to become deeply familiar with the processes, machines and data of electronics factories in order to understand how best to capture and represent that data in Arch’s data lake.

This job is best suited to those with a history of industry experience in backend development, developer tools, data processing, and/or data engineering concepts.

What You Will Own & Drive:

  • Integrating new data sources into the data lake parquet tables – Ingest new data streams into our data lake table structure, implement structural enhancements, and maintain system availability.
  • Monitor and improve data lake ingestion – Ensure the ingestion pipeline is performant, monitored for errors, and own the feature roadmap to ensuring ongoing success
  • Turn data science models into production collateral – On the other end of the pipeline, you will help bring models to life in production and enable them to serve customer use cases in the real world
  • Continuous Improvement – Contribute to the continuous improvement of the overall analytics team, create new SOPs and methods for data science excellence at Arch. Identify ways our infrastructure can be more accurate and applicable, trustworthy and understandable, timely and enabling

What You Bring to The Table:

  • Professional experience in data engineering or related software fields.
  • Experience with AWS instructure such as Athena, S3 and data lakes more broadly is required. Generally, having built end-to-end data pipelines and deploying them on AWS is very relevant.
  • Proficiency in SQL, as well as time series data structures.
  • Strong experience using Python or a similar language to develop and automate data pipelines

What Makes You Stand Out:

  • Experience supporting data science models in production
  • Experience processing manufacturing or industrial data, particularly when stored as time series data.
  • Experience working with a remote, distributed team
  • Experience building scripts and software libraries used by data scientists to build models (developer tools).

How We Will Support You:

  • Ambitious and clear vision of how you can be a part of transforming the manufacturing supply chain and building next generation IoT technology
  • Highly motivated and experienced team with the relevant domain expertise and network
  • Ability to deploy your work solving cutting edge problems with Fortune 500 customers and nonprofit developing world partners alike
  • Learning & Development budget to allow you to continue to grow in not only your function, but in any way that relates!
  • Trust in your ability to do your best work when and where you want and to communicate this with your team
  • Flexible Time Off: take the time you need, including an end-of-year break and an ask that all Arch-itects take at least one additional (consecutive) week off each year to recharge in addition to local holidays and religious observances
  • Opportunity to challenge yourself, be nurtured, and grow in a highly dynamic environment
    • A culture that welcomes and encourages autonomy, ownership, and transparency; allowing you to make, learn from, and teach others in your “failures” as much as your successes
    • Potential to travel to annual Arch Summit, when it is safe to gather again in-person
    • A culture of diversity of thought and background with many languages and nationalities on the team

Resumes must be submitted in English

We encourage interested and enthusiastic applicants to apply and not allow imposter syndrome to self-select out of an opportunity. We believe in hiring people as their full and authentic selves, allowing them to utilize their strengths and then helping them to learn, grow, and add to those strengths.