Senior Full Stack Software Engineer


SaneBox is looking for a Senior Full Stack Software Engineer to join our bootstrapped and profitable company. We need a talented and motivated individual who isn’t afraid of tackling and delivering large projects.

Things you will do at Sanebox:

  • Create amazing and well-tested new functionality in a large rails app.
  • Help our designers create delightful UIs in AngularJS and React.
  • Tune memory and CPU performance to get the most out of app servers.
  • Write unit tests, functional tests, and integration tests.
  • Mentor junior developers as they learn.
  • Have strong opinions on how SaneBox can best work for our customers.
  • Build iOS & Android apps
  • Once you are trained on the systems, everyone on the engineering team takes an on call shift which includes answering escalated support tickets. Happily, having development engineers on call means you almost never get paged and resolutions to support issues get automated pretty quickly. And this shift eliminates everyone’s desire to break stuff.

Things that (hopefully) describe you:

  • Must have experience with:
    • Ruby & Rails
    • JavaScript (preferably Angular or React frameworks)
    • SQL
  • Knowledge of Email & IMAP (RFCs 5322 & 3501) is a plus.
  • Knowledge of iOS or Android native app development is a plus.
  • Knowledge of best-practices and tools used in software development.
  • Comfortable working in a fast-paced environment. Our release cycle is very short and your first work will be live on our production site within days.
  • Reside somewhere in UTC-3 to UTC-8.


SaneBox offers health, dental, and vision insurance, as well as a 401k contribution to full-time employees based in the US. We are working on providing benefits to employees based elsewhere, but we’re not quite there yet!

About SaneBox

Here at SaneBox, we’re changing the way people email. Everyday we work to reduce the inefficiencies surrounding email and improve how people communicate with one another through email.  This involves a lot of education and a very smart algorithm.

SaneBox filters out and summarizes unimportant emails – not spam, but legitimate messages that just don’t deserve to interrupt your day and can be processed later in bulk. We also have a full suite of additional features that help turn anyone from email novice to email superhero.

Try SaneBox before you apply. If you don’t like the service, you really won’t like the job!

We continue to receive lots of great press, including from Business Insider who recent said that our product”is by far the easiest way to fix email overload”.  Oh yeah, our customers love us!

Our Team

We are a small, completely distributed engineering team. Everyone is a generalist. This is not your usual pie in the sky, vaporware startup. We sell a real product for a premium price and still get love letters from customers. And we’ve been doing it since 2010.

We are a small, completely distributed engineering team. The company is not filled with hard drinking, hard playing young people. Mostly we all have kids and real lives outside work, have been doing this since 2010.


Send a resume and cover letter that includes your Github username, and provides evidence that you have a sense of humor to: [email protected]

You may be asked to take a quick off-line programming test that should take no more than an hour, and SaneBox will compensate you for your time.