Developer Tools Engineer


Hello. We are ShipHero ( We have built a software platform entrusted by hundreds of ecommerce companies, large and small to run their operations and we continue to grow. About US$5 billion of ecommerce orders are shipped a year via ShipHero. Our customers sell on Shopify, Amazon, Etsy, Ebay, WooCommerce, BigCommerce and many other platforms. We’re driven to help our customers grow their businesses by providing a platform that solves complex problems, and is engineered to be reliable and fast. We are obsessed with building great technology, that is beautiful, easy to use and is loved by our customers. Our culture also reflects our ethos and belief that by bringing passionate, talented and great people together – you can do great things.

Our team is fully remote, with most of our engineers currently spread over the Americas but have been building out teams in Europe as well. We communicate regularly using video chat and Slack, and put a strong emphasis on asynchronous work so people have large chunks of uninterrupted time to focus and do deep work.

Making sure you and the rest of the company are able to focus while being at work is really important to us. You can read our internal guide on how we communicate from our website:…

Listen what we are looking for and if you are interested, please keep on reading…

About You

  • You understand that great things are accomplished when teams work together.
  • You’ve made a lot of mistakes, and most importantly, have learned from them.
  • You are always iterating and seeking new ways to automate repetitive tasks.
  • You care about making it easy to develop software.
  • You write your tests first and understand why
  • You know your way around Docker, creating test data, and the difficulties of being productive in a local development environment.
  • Understand different tools for debugging and how to make them work well within Docker and Linux/Mac/Windows.
  • You like working with other developers.
  • Expert level experience writing tools and libraries in Python.

The Role

  • Deliver tools to support and improve developer workflows.
  • Implement solutions that are pragmatic to get the platform built.
  • Review features and requirements, design and implement solutions.
  • Optimize existing tech stack and solutions, determine path to next step in the evolution.
  • Learn, and push those around you to do the same – this is a craft that you’re constantly improving upon.
  • Have the confidence to work with experienced and talented people to just build great things, you’re not a “rock star”.
  • Make everyone’s daily experience better!


  • $2.500 so you can buy any equipment you need to be happy at your job
  • 20 days paid vacation + new year & Christmas
  • Conference days don’t count against your vacation days, we want you to stay up-to-date
  • We will pay for courses & conferences, if you learn we all learn
  • Salary range is $75.000 – $110.000 / year depending on experience and location