Sr. Software Developer (C#)


We are seeking a Sr. Software Developer (C#) to help make our 100-petabyte real time data operation / million user website into a self-healing alien spaceship.

SpyFu scrapes and processes thousands of web pages every second through an AWS pipeline of Lambda, SQS, S3, SNS, Opensearch, DynamoDB, Athena. 15 seconds later, the resulting data is live on It’s all orchestrated with C#.

It’s a massive, cutting edge operation – and it works flawlessly most of the time. But, sometimes when it doesn’t, we have to *do* something. SpyFu should be able to run itself with no human intervention – and that’s where you come in.

Production experience and a strong 24/7 uptime mentality are critical.


  • 4+ years development experience.
  • 2+ years production experience with C#.
  • 24/7 uptime mentality.
  • Excellent problem solving skills.

Nice to Have

  • HTML, CSS, Javascript, Vue
  • AWS Automation experience (Lambda, SQS, S3, SNS, Cloudwatch)
  • Opensearch, Elasticsearch, Lucene, or Solr
  • Athena, DynamoDB, MySQL, MS SQL
  • Python, SQL, Batch, Powershell, Node
  • Scripting AND programming experience AWS CLI
  • Experience with in Petabyte-scale data operation
  • Internetworking knowledge: DNS, IP Routing, TCP, HTTP, SSL
  • Dev Ops – Deployment automation, CI/CD
  • Cost and performance engineering passion.

About SpyFu

SpyFu is a self-funded, profitable, and growing SaaS company. We started the company, in Scottsdale, AZ – and most of our employees live here. But, we’re fully remote and our common hours are Mountain Time. We still have an IRL culture; we get together for lunch and parties – play ping pong, drink beer, etc. It’s optional, but if you’re nearby it’s cool to hang out. If you get the job, you’d be the 20th full-time employee. So, you’ll have the opportunity to make a big impact.

We offer:

  • We have the best possible Health and Dental benefits. Walk into the Mayo Clinic like you own the place.
  • A 401k with 4% match
  • Flexible work hours. Just get things done, be available for meetings, and fix stuff when it breaks. Otherwise, do whatever works best for you.
  • Bring your cat to work. Or your dog. Or your kids – whatever, because you’re at your own house chillin’ and getting stuff done with the people and things you love. Like a boss.

SpyFu is an Equal Opportunity employer. We’re LGBTQ+ and specifically trans-friendly/competent. We value diversity, inclusiveness, and empowerment. This isn’t corporate speak – this is who we are as people. We do everything we can to create a safe and respectful workplace, and we’ll always have your back.