Passionate .Net Developer

Happy Porch

You will be an important member of our distributed development team. You will be working extremely closely with our amazing, long term clients and be involved in all aspects of projects including requirements gathering, contributing to architectural decisions, planning and prioritization, and throughout the development process.

You will be working remotely as part of a small team of 10 spread across Scotland, England, several other countries across Europe and beyond. Working on a distributed team takes a high level of motivation and the ability to self-manage. You will also be communicating with clients directly. This requires excellent written and verbal English communication skills and the ability to communicate professionally with both technical and non-technical people.

  • are keen to take responsibility and use your experience, ideas, and energy to help drive success
  • enjoy solving problems and are constantly looking to learn and improve
  • are willing to be measured by your output and the value you bring, not the hours you log
  • are outstanding at communicating both verbally and in written English (and more than tech-speak!)
  • are detail-oriented and meticulous about quality
  • understand how important good, disciplined process is; in software development as well as communication and project management
The ideal person will bring the correct mindset, ability to learn and adapt along with as wide a range of technical experience as possible, we therefore encourage applications from the right candidates regardless of age, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, belief, or race.
Please find more information on how we are working to become a more diverse team here and most recently here.


You need to:
  • have excellent experience in web development
  • be experienced in C# and ASP.NET MVC
  • have an understanding of front-end coding (HTML/CSS and JS)
  • be comfortable using GIT
Experience of any of the following would also be an advantage: API development, Actor Model (e.g. Akka), React, TypeScript, Azure DevOps. Although the experience of these is definitely not required, an interest in learning is.

The role is 100% remote (within 3hrs of UK time) and there is a lot of flexibility. 

You will bring your experience, ideas, and energy to the role. As part of a small, fun team you will be much more than just another cog in the wheel. There is an opportunity to further develop your technical & leadership skills.

A key part of our purpose is to contribute in a positive way to the world around us. Our commitment to value beyond profit is more than just talk, for example, we are members of 1% for the Planet and currently waiting for our BCorp certification to be confirmed. You will also have the opportunity to contribute to our ‘pro-bono’ projects that have societal value. This might include open source development, charity projects, or training and assisting other organizations. A great example is our ongoing work with PovNet.


We run on self-management principles.  This does not mean a completely flat hierarchy, any group of humans will have leaders. It does mean that we all input into how the company is run and everyone is invited to get involved and take on the level of responsibility that suits each of us. It also means that leadership is much more fluid than in a traditional company hierarchy.

We provide a lot of support and coaching to help you thrive in this environment and thus to do great work. Although it can be challenging, it is incredibly rewarding to be part of it. 

Unlimited holidays

We really mean this, it’s not just a throw-away phrase nor does it mean taking fewer holidays. For permanent roles the minimum is 28 days annually and, so long as the work gets done, we encourage as much other time away as possible.

Location & Hours

This role is remote, much of the time you can work from anywhere – well almost – anywhere within 3 hours of the UK timezone. We are more interested in results than micromanaging which means we are very happy to talk about flexibility in your working hours. Some of our team enjoy a very structured day, others flex their work around family commitments.

We are privileged to have always been 100% remote, which gave us one less thing to cope with during 2020. The distributed nature of our team is one of our major advantages. However, we do not shy away from the challenges involved either. 

Twice each year (well, in non-pandemic years) we meet-up for up to a week to work together. Recent locations have included Morocco, Madeira, Bulgaria, and Scotland. As well as being really useful it is a lot of fun, so we do all we can to help everyone join if possible.