Senior Java Engineer


What you’ll be doing:

Working hand in hand with other engineers in developing API endpoints and services. Day to day work will involve writing code, developing tests, and debugging. There is definitely room for growth as we plan on transitioning the application and updating it in the future. For this federal program, we are using Java.  

We are looking for someone with the following skill set:

  • 5+ years experience in software development using technologies including Spring, SpringBoot, EJBs, Hibernate, and JDBC
  • A solid understanding of API design and how backend systems work
  • Experience with JavaScript, including the use of React and Angular
  • Experience with Maven, Gradle, Ant or other Java build and dependency management tools
  • Worked with CI/CD pipelines and container tools as well as experience with cloud computing services, including AWS or Microsoft Azure
  • The ability to write code that is a pleasure for other engineers to read and understand
  • The ability to speak and write in terms that non-developers can understand clearly, whether it be in a conference call, blog post or support email
  • Experience with all phases of the software development lifecycle – from gathering and analyzing user/business system requirements to creating application system models
  • Must be self-motivated, detail-oriented, and take initiative in performing tasks.
  • Team players must be able to work professionally and collaboratively with the government customer and other contract members of the project team.
  • A Bachelor’s Degree is required with a minimum of 5 years experience