Infrastructure Engineer


Job Description

Peerspace is creating a world where it’s easy to bring people together, starting with making it easy to find the perfect place to meet, create, and celebrate with others. Our Airbnb-like marketplace uncovers the world’s most unique spaces - like lofts, rooftops, and art galleries - and makes them ready to use for meetings, events, even filmshoots. 
Over 1 million people have come together in a Peerspace, and we’re looking for people who want to help us reach the next 10 million. 
Peerspace is looking for a Contract Infrastructure Engineer. As an Infrastructure Engineer, you will be part of a technical team behind building and maintaining Peerspace's services. 
Availability, performance, security, reliability, and automation will be your watchwords. 
You will:
* Work with our Director of Engineering and help our development teams design and implement production and development environments, address system needs in new and creative ways, and ensure that Peerspace's infrastructure is capable of supporting all Peerspace initiatives. 
* Work in a self-guiding, cross-functional team with other humble but highly skilled individuals working in a wide range of technical domains.
* Work alongside internal teams to create and deliver technical strategy.
* Help design and implement solutions for key pieces of infrastructure for deployment, monitoring, alerting, data storage, networking and security.
* Evaluate new tools and technologies based on feature requirements, cost effectiveness, and reliability.
* Occasionally help support Peerspace employees utilize and access services that the company relies on.
Who you should be:
* A veteran: for 5+ years, you've built servers of all types, in the cloud and in containers, and bare even metal back in the day. You have kept an online production environment humming. 
You have experience running critical production systems and you're a pro with Linux operating systems. 
* Experience with all things GCP (Google Cloud Platform) is a must. Specifically GKE,Cloud SQL, Cloud Composer, BigQuery, Cloud Storage, VPC Networks/Firewalls
*Experience and knowledge of infrastructure and security vendor landscape
* An automator: you realize that automation is the key to scaling. You've similarly grokked, deployed, and supported applications across various tech stacks and multiple regions; you're familiar with the core concepts of object-oriented, functional, and other programming paradigms and have used one or more modern source control management tools.
* Distributed by default: you've worked with distributed big data, caching, networking, and application systems in the past, so you're familiar with the core concepts of distributed systems. You understand the challenges of global cloud networking. You're proficient with basic distributed systems and networking troubleshooting tools.
* Tuning master: you're penny wise. You rightsize cloud and server resources to meet the demand versus over-engineering.
* Adaptable: you're able to rapidly change direction when priorities shift, stay focused on the most relevant issues and can evolve and shift to meet them as needed.
* DevOps: you believe devops is a state of mind and you operate with total ownership. You recognize the value of iterative development and the buck stops at you for quality and support of what you deploy into production.
* Security: Paranoia is an old friend, you operate by the principle of least privilege, keep everything up to date and believe that everything should be encrypted. 
You should have:
* A solid 5+ years of being a Linux systems/network administrator.
* Excellent communication skills, written and spoken.
* Experience working with DevOps and Agile/Scrum teams.
* Experience with containers - docker and kubernetes.
* Experience with vulnerability, risk management, and IT compliance
* Experience working with production environments in GCP and cloud environments
About Us:
Peerspace is a community marketplace that makes planning gatherings - starting with finding the perfect space - simple. Whether it’s a loft for a party, a rooftop for a film shoot, or an art gallery for a meeting, Peerspace empowers people to create one-of-a-kind experiences at any price point. As a community marketplace, Peerspace makes it easy for individuals and businesses to monetize their underused space and share it with an audience of millions.
Founded in April of 2014, Peerspace is headquartered in San Francisco. The company’s investors include Foundation Capital, Structure Capital, Red Bridge Partners, and 31VENTURES.