Senior Software Engineer - Elixir / Node / Ruby


Job Description

Equisolve, a leading provider of corporate and investor relations websites for publicly traded companies, is seeking a talented, experienced senior software developer to lead one of our internal product teams. This person will be responsible for leading a small team of developers to help define, build and launch a new product that requires integrating multiple systems, building microservices, and scaling event-driven, high-volume applications.

This is a remote position, but you do need to be mostly available during US Eastern Time Zone hours.

We are only set up for US employees, so you must be in the US and legally able to work here.

The team lead will be the most senior developer on this internal team and will be splitting up their time between writing code and managing the product's direction and architecture.

  • Work closely with internal departments to understand the business requirements and scope for the project
  • Help define and architect the overall structure of the application, and continue to write code and guide other developers on best code practices keeping the solution efficient and secure
  • Organize the project into milestones and set up sprints for the development team
  • Supervise and evaluate work for the development team, including scoping out tasks as Jira tickets and ensuring timely delivery of tickets
  • Conduct code reviews and provide help and direction to the developers when needed
  • Help architect and develop features, fix bugs, and ensure proper test coverage
  • Senior software developer in a web-based environment
  • Experience leading a team of developers, delivering quality software according to established software development guidelines
  • Accomplished with event-driven architectures in languages like Elixir or Node.js
  • Accomplished setting up systems to connect multiple services together
  • Experienced in Ruby and a solid understanding of modern JavaScript frameworks; should be able to write and review code in both languages
  • Champion of clean, readable and maintainable code and tests
  • Ability to guide and communicate, provide constructive feedback, and ultimately lead other developers to success
  • Experience with high-volume applications and keeping software lightweight
  • Plus: Experience with taking software from concept to MVP
  • Work from home with an A+ team in a casual work environment (fully remote)
  • Medical benefits and long-term disability
  • Vacation and sick time
  • 401k
  • Latest technology provided for work