Head of Engineering


Job Description

The role in context
We are looking for a Head of Engineering to set up and lead our engineering department and help us bring our product to Enterprise level maturity. You’ll manage our software architecture, our cloud infrastructure, and the deployment of new features. You ensure all internal systems and our integrations with third parties operate effectively, efficiently, and securely.

Simply put, your goal is to enable the hyper-growth of our company from an engineering standpoint.

In your first months, you’ll work with our outsourced development team in Spain to learn the code base and co-develop features. Gradually, you’ll take over the project management role. In parallel, you will build our own development team and decide how you allocate responsibilities to internal and external resources.

To be successful in this role, you should be capable and confident managing a development team, defining the technology roadmap, and setting goals, budgets, and timelines for all engineering efforts. 

You report to the COO and co-founder, Otto Verhage.

The first step in this recruitment process is one of our own assessments. It allows you to experience our product first-hand and gives us an initial idea of your fit with the role.

  • Attract, hire, develop, and lead the development team
  • Manage software development projects by setting requirements, goals, and timelines
  • Monitor and manage the reliability and performance of our infrastructure and integrations
  • Ensure compliance with security standards and privacy laws
  • Work together with the founders and other departments to shape and prioritize the product roadmap
  • Manage the engineering budget and its return on investment
  • Implement innovative technologies
  • Coordinate with external stakeholders for new integrations and tools
  • Work experience as a head of engineering or in a similar senior-level position at an engineering department
  • Extensive experience with cloud technologies
  • Hands-on experience in back-end and front-end development, preferably in Python, Django REST framework, and Angular
  • Good understanding of agile methodologies
  • Leadership competencies with a strategic mind
  • Excellent project management skills
  • BSc/MSc in Engineering, Computer Science or relevant field
About TestGorilla
At TestGorilla, we envision a world where everyone has their dream job. To achieve that, employers and employees need to have the right information about each other. We started in 2020 by building a product that provides this information in the selection phase of recruitment. It replaces subjective, incomplete, and often inflated CVs with objective, reliable, and fair test results that measure aptitude, practical job skills, culture add, and motivation. But this is only the start or our journey to get everyone their dream job.

Early 2020 we attracted $1.2M in seed funding. We’ve been live commercially since July. Our growth is very steep.  
We work remotely, spread across Amsterdam, Barcelona, Florida, Granada, New York, Serbia, and South Carolina.

Our values
Joining TestGorilla means you’re joining a group of people who are committed to a set of values that guide our behaviors and decisions day to day:
  • We encourage each other: We bring a positive attitude to work. We help each other when stuck. We challenge each other in constructive ways. We celebrate wins as a team.
  • We are bold: We’re bold in our ambition and dare to create new things. We know what we’re capable of and learn from our mistakes. 
  • We take full ownership of our work: We own the outcome of our work and do whatever necessary to improve it--including soliciting feedback and asking for help when we get stuck.
  • We strive for excellence: We hold ourselves to high standards and work hard to increase our competencies.
  • We do the right thing: We’re straight shooters and take our word seriously. We treat each other, our customers, and our collaborators with respect and empathy. 
  • We respect our (work-style) differences: We all have different ways of living and working. We all find our own point of balance, respect our differences, and accommodate each other’s style and preferences.