Customer Support Superhero


Job Description

We’re looking for a people-person with superhuman powers. We need someone who can solve problems, do Sherlockian detective work, and ideally a person who values creativity and creatives. We need a person who listens and empathizes with customers and creatives when things don’t go right (and still smiles while helping) and an apologetic statesperson when things go terribly wrong. Teamwork is important at crowdspring, so we need someone ready to heed the call and lead when you get tagged in. You will get a lot of autonomy and the opportunity to make decisions.

We’re open to hiring the best person no matter where they are. Our team is based worldwide and we want to hire the best people, wherever they are.

We want to know you’re qualified, but more importantly, we want to know that you want this job and not just any job. Tell us why you want to join our team. If this sounds like you, keep on reading…

What you’ll do:

  • Attack inbound customer service requests and respond with cat-like reflexes.
  • Help clients and creatives navigate potentially complicated design and naming issues.
  • Have a flexible attitude toward your day-to-day responsibilities. If you’re looking to do the same mundane thing day in and day out, this position is not for you.
  • Answer support tickets, chat with people in real-time, and occasionally call clients and creatives to offer phone support and consultations.
  • Provide answers, guidance, and cosmic advice to clients and creatives who’ve lost their way. Bonus points if you can do so while making relevant puns.
  • Collaborate with the rest of the team to make sure that our customers are thrilled.
  • Be vocal and fight for the needs of our clients and creatives.
  • Help us improve and build our product/service by contributing to our weekly roadmaps.
  • Contribute to other areas. Many of our support superheroes have written for our award-winning small business blog and have contributed dozens of guest posts to publications like Entrepreneur, AdWeek, and many more.
  • Share your jokes, life lessons, latest creative endeavors, or even embarrassing family photos with the team.


  • Solving problems and helping folks out is your jam. Yes, your jam.
  • Undying, passionate, over-the-top love affair with all things web.
  • Absolutely, positively outstanding writing skills. Seriously – you have to be a great writer. Our clients and creatives love when we get back to them quickly with a clear, concise, and friendly answer.
  • Experience with and understanding of design software is a big plus!
  • Experience with Zendesk (support software) is a huge plus.
  • Experience with Drift (chat) or other chat software is a huge plus.
  • Hate Mondays? Who doesn’t? That’s cool- weekend work could be part of the gig.
  • Interest, curiosity, advanced degree or full-on obsession with any/all of the creative arts (graphic design, web design, writing, photography, video, music – anything creative will do).
  • Experience with online communities and social networks is a huge plus.
  • Excellent communication skills. You confidently express your opinion while receptive to everyone else’s, too. This includes great phone skills.
  • Passion for learning and always improving yourself and the team around you.
  • Remote based candidates welcome. We will hire the best person, no matter where they are (we have many years of experience working with a distributed team).


What we’ll bring to the table:

  • A great working environment with friendly, creative folks.
  • Boundless opportunities to learn, grow and lead.
  • Flexible hours with the ability to work from anywhere (admit that you want to work in your PJs).
  • For full-time positions for candidates in the U.S., health care coverage, and a matching 401(k).
  • The coolest people you’ll ever meet…obviously.

We’re looking for incredibly smart, extraordinarily interesting people and we’re highly protective of our culture. This can be a pretty tough place to get into. If you’re used to a corporate environment, you will not be happy here. If you’ve got the smarts and the creativity (and you don’t plan on showing up to the interview in a suit), we’d love to hear from you.

It doesn’t matter where you went to school or if you graduated. We want to know you’re qualified, but more importantly, we want to know that you want THIS job and not just any job. We want to know you can do great work and a drive to improve yourself and others. Tell us why you want to join our team!

When you apply, we’ll ask you to answer some questions. Your answers are important to show us how you think and to show us how you write and communicate.