Senior Frontend Software Engineer

Daily Kos

Daily Kos is the nation’s largest liberal online political community, news organization, and activism hub. Powered by millions of highly engaged supporters, we’re building progressive power by connecting grassroots activists to hundreds of people-powered organizations and campaigns.

We are seeking an experienced and results-driven Senior Frontend Software Engineer to help build and scale the DailyKos platform. You will be hands-on and will actively collaborate with a team of 11 to guide projects, implement best practice solutions, champion the elimination of technical debt, and translate requirements into delivered products. Applicants must be self-motivated, efficient, and capable of delivering results with limited guidance.

Daily Kos is an exciting workplace! Our site is used by hundreds of thousands of people a day who care deeply about progressive politics and are working to affect real political change. We provide an extensive feature set that extends from blogging to activism and beyond, built on top of a modern tool chain that includes React/Redux, Ruby on Rails, Sidekiq, SASS, JavaScript/TypeScript, Nginx, Varnish, and AWS/S3/Cloudfront. We have an energized team of great people with diverse backgrounds and skill sets. If you’re interested in a position that offers more than just a technical challenge, we’d love for you to join our passionate and dedicated team.

Our offices are in Oakland, CA and Washington D.C., however, we are open to fully remote applicants.


  • Collaborate with coworkers across the organization to scope, design, and deliver solutions for large, complex challenges in the Daily Kos platform
  • Partner with internal stakeholders to deliver high-quality product releases in suitable timeframes
  • Actively participate in architectural planning and implementation
  • Effectively communicate technical vision
  • Evangelize best practices internally and externally
  • Clearly communicate technical issues and tie work to company objectives
  • Design for scale and reliability with the future in mind and do critical R&D
  • Persistently debug tough issues, finding a root cause or viable workaround
  • Drive foundational work benefitting the frontend codebases and engineering overall
  • De-escalate conflicts and build consensus between team members about technical matters


  • At least 5 years experience with core web development technologies (Advanced JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript frameworks)
  • At least 5 years experience with API and frontend optimization
  • At least 3 years experience with React/Redux and its ecosystem, including developing and deploying React applications to production
  • A solid understanding of Linux
  • Working familiarity with Ruby on Rails, MySQL, pgSQL, AWS, Varnish, and Redis preferred but not required
  • Experience with large and complex code bases, utilizing API design techniques to help keep code clean and maintainable


  • Deep understanding of frontend technologies and modern web application best practices
  • Able to make technical decisions, influence architecture, and prioritize work
  • Anticipates technical challenges and explores alternatives and tradeoffs thoroughly
  • Able to navigate and make legacy code maintainable
  • Embraces a metrics-driven approach
  • Focused on defining patterns and operational guidelines for frontend codebases
  • Capable of successfully planning and collaborating to deliver complex projects
  • Identifies problems that need to be solved and advocates for their prioritization
  • Able to reduce unneeded complexity
  • Comfortable with the Agile and Lean development process
  • Able to actively diagnose and address data scaling and optimization issues
  • Ambitious spirit and focus on delivering value into customers hands with excellent communication
  • Strong product development mindset and interest in improving user experience
  • Excellent communication skills, primarily in a virtual work environment
  • Familiarity with the Daily Kos application and commitment to become a platform expert
  • Willingness to travel occasionally for events or retreats