Front-End Software Engineer


TrendSpider builds the world’s most powerful trading software. As one of the only trading-tech companies founded and operated by traders, we have a unique insight into the desires of the trading community and a unique product roadmap and vision to meet the needs of the community. We have over 10,000 active users, and have grown very rapidly in just three years time. Our platform has won numerous awards, including the 2021 Benzinga Fintech Award for Best Trading Technology, among others. We operate as a global distributed team and are focused on hiring and retaining the best talent regardless of geographical location.

If you are interested in working with a world-class engineering team on bleeding edge technology that has immediate and meaningful impact on user’s lives, and you fit the below criteria, please apply.

At this position, you will be building React-based widgets for existing data models. Down the road, you will also focus on implementing data models as well. You’ll be working with React MUI library, as well as occasionally HighCharts.


  • At least 3 years of experience working with React.js
    • Understanding of how the React component lifecycle works.
    • Experience using React Hooks work
    • Understanding of React as just another framework, and not a pillar of the universe.
  • Understanding the idea of the Observer pattern. Having practical experience of using some of the implementations.
  • Strong understanding of the general principles of Object Oriented Programming (encapsulating the complexity, etc.)

We work as a close-knit team, which means that other human beings will need to be able to read your code. Thus, we have the following additional requirements:

  • Your code should be as easy to understand as possible. For example, your identifiers should have meaningful names. You must leave comments and notes in your code.
  • Styles you write (be it SASS, LESS or CSS) should be as clean as your code is. No useless styles or meaningless selectors.
  • Understanding and following the principle of “least surprise” development.
  • Ability to work within an Agile Development structure.

The following qualifications are “nice to have” and count for bonus points.

  • Experience working with React MUI (v.5 preferred)
  • Experience working with HighCharts.
  • Experience using Angular.JS or Angular
  • Experience using React Context API