Game Designer

DECA Games

DECA Games is looking for a Game Designer with high technical ability to join our team! This role is fully remote. We operate in the Central European time zone, but you can work from anywhere in the world.

Our team within DECA GAMES maintains and develops two successful and long-running MMO’s: Realm of the Mad God and Celtic Heroes. We are looking for a talented and enthusiastic person to help us grow these awesome games and their communities, whom you will interact with frequently..

We at DECA like creative minds. We work in a collaborative way, with continuous feedback and brainstorming within the team, as well as with our most dedicated players.

We also are serious on career development for our Game Designers. We provide regular feedback and a lot of opportunities to grow as a Game Designer ranging from level design to documentation, economy and gameplay/systems design.


  • Design, documentation and implementation of new features.
  • Documentation and implementation of content: characters, items, dungeons, enemies, etc. using our internal scripting language (based on XML) and level editor.
  • Learn our internal design tools and actively participate in providing feedback and detect opportunities for improving them.
  • Identify needs of the features and communicate them to programmers and artists, creating any necessary prototypes or materials to adequately explain the requests to them.
  • Validating features and new content with our internal testing group and community’s feedback, and communicating with our BI department to create and analyze the KPI’s necessary for checking their impact in the game.
  • Aid UI/ UX Designers/ Artists in developing user interface elements and art assets.
  • Maintain quality and timeliness of all design related tasks and be proactive in identifying blockers and asking for guidance from management.
  • Gain and maintain a high level of knowledge about our games, the community opinions and together with the product needs be able to create detailed and well thought out designs.
  • Guiding other designers and team members in processes you have knowledge of, and providing assistance and guidance.


  • At least 1 year of experience in a design or technical role in the video games industry.
  • Familiarity with programming languages (JS, C++/C#, Java…) or scripting (LUA, Blueprints, or any Visual Scripting, etc.)
  • High proficiency in creating documentation in English that describes systems and game loops, and be familiar with the basics of Game Design.
  • Experience writing in wiki format and/or using task management software like JIRA or similar.
  • Good pitching and communication skills.

Nice to have!

  • 2+ years of experience and having worked on multiple video game projects.
  • Experience in Free to Play titles and the basics of monetization in the F2P model.
  • Familiarity with MMO’s and RPG’s.
  • Experience in games with big, active communities and roles in which you had communicated with the fans on a regular basis.
  • Experience in Unity and XML/HTML syntax or any scripting language.
  • Remote work experience.

About us

DECA takes over beloved online games and reinvigorates them to last for another decade. The company is all about teamwork and empowering teams to provide a unique gaming service. We pride ourselves in our balanced culture. We work hard together, we know when and where to push and constantly revisit how we are spending our time.