Laravel Interview Questions

While it’s tough to pinpoint what is “most common,” we did an extensive amount of research into the most commonly asked interview question and compiled them into this list. We hope you find this

API Development Interview Questions And How To Answer Them

Do you know the difference between the MVC and MVVM design patterns? Can you describe what REST is in terms of HTTP? Do you know what OAuth2 is used for?If you're a developer looking to land your next

How to write a sick leave e-mail and its reminder with examples.

Every now and then, you have one of those days where you wake up and your body is just not prepared to go to work. It is pretty normal to be feeling under the weather some days because you just do not

Web Conferencing Best Practices

Communication, respect, and responsibility are characteristics that need to be developed daily so that a good work environment is builtOne of the main ways to grow and develop as a professional is to

Learn Communication Skills As A Remote Worker

For the coming years, remote work would be the standard. Many businesses have announced that their work-from-home policies will be extended to at least the end of the year, showing that this

Work From Home Strategies that will help your Remote Company

Rather than just restoring operations to "normal," we advise leaders to evaluate how they can use recent remote-work insights to prepare for a potential remote/hybrid workforce. Going forward, leaders

The benefits of internships for companies

Internship programs are becoming increasingly popular among businesses. Both of these businesses will offer paid internships, and others will stick with the most common unpaid internships. In fact, 40

How to Accept a Job Offer Email ( with example )

Congratulations on your accomplishment! The position you have been eyeing and applying for a few weeks is nearly in your hands. All of the hard work in the career interview process to ensure everythin

How to Decline a Job Offer email (tips and examples)

So you are looking for a new job like a madman or woman, applying for countless jobs, and interviewing at a variety of locations. And you are in the lucky situation of getting several job offers on th

How to Respond to a Job Offer, with examples

You were offered the job after acing the interviews and dazzled the hiring manager—congrats! Your perseverance has paid off! Now give yourself a pat on the back and get ready to respond.How you repl

The benefits of internships for student

When you are only starting out with your profession or are already a beginner, your lack of experience seems to be a major consideration when applying for employment.What are your thoughts on internsh

How to respond to an interview request, emails, and phone calls with templates

Receiving a response from an employer is one of the most exciting things of the job hunt. You have put in the effort—from creating a convincing resume to investigating the company to custo

Best Tips To Write Your Resignation Letter

It can be stressful to resign from a work position. There is the briefing with the employer to break the news; then there is the team announcement, and then there is the never-ending series of questio

The cover letter, what is its puprose?

When you apply for a position, your cover letter is the first thing employers see after the highlighted keywords in your resume ( check out our guide to writing the perfect resume ). Your cover letter

Internship vs Exterternship: what are they and which one to choose?

Externships and internships are two fantastic opportunities to gain real-world, on-the-job exposure while still enhancing your resumé or online profile. And, although the two opportunities are close,

How to negotiate your salary for an internship?

If you are seeking a summer internship or your first post-grad job, you will most certainly have a discussion with your boss about your salary expectations.CEO's organizations also struggle to agree o

The Ultimate Guide To Write A Motivational Letter For An Internship With Example!

An internship is often the best choice for learning about a job and launching a promising career.Along with your resume, references, and other required documentation, employers can request a cover let

What Is A Virtual Workplace, And How Does It Work?

Certain positions need you to work in a certain area, but for many others, all you need is an internet connection and you can work from anywhere.Virtual offices (also known as teleworking) are becomin

Why Cybersecurity is A MUST in the remote working era

COVID-19 has represented both a crisis and an opportunity. Since the start of 2021, many companies, large and small, claim that significant portions of their employees will remain remote.Employees kee

The Ultimate Guide to Writing the Perfect Developer Resume

Software developers are in high demand, but those with the right qualifications have no lack of opportunities. But just because you know how to develop cloud solutions or create web apps on the server

How to write the perfect resume as a remote worker

For the near future, remote work is here to continue.This is not just a phase, with many firms confirming the continuation of their work from home practices to at least the end of 2021. There are some